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Not sure if I was supposed to be able to repeatedly break through the fence on the path and wander around the island but either way, you may want to clean up your game. 

Really much liked this experience! It's short but definately worth the 2$!
Also I think I found a Secret in the game but I'm not sure?

Stay Rad Everybody!!

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It's hilarious, thanks for playing. 

I am having trouble finding the system requirements for this game?

Added system requirements to the page. Thanks.

I was really looking forward to this, but the game doesn't lock mouse cursor to the screen. I end up clicking out of the game frequently, and to make it worse, the game crashed a few times when clicking back in before I gave up in frustration.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Updated the game to v1.1 with the mouse cursor issue fixed.

An interesting walking simulator/story, it was also good that I hadn't read the description of the game so me encountering the visual of the moon and theorizing everything on a clean slate was fun. I got 96% completion, so I was a bit sad about that - does the ending change if I get 100%? Would be curious what I missed.

Thank you for playing. Hope you enjoyed it.